Phone Counseling

The main problem in this fast mysterious century is not having a soul friend to open up or at least to cry in front.

As though we had friends in various stages of life ,in various surroundings, 

the topics discussed were entirely different , irrespective of the urges of the mind.

Now a days ,the people are simply acting through out the life with hand full of stress.

The suicide ratio is increasing.

In this world everybody is ready to say about their  burdens.

But never ever , nobody will ready to hear your burdens.


So if You feel Sad ,If you feel lonely

Call me ,I will be there for you ,to listen your words

I will be the mirror of You at that time

I will never interfere what you talk is right or not ,is logic or not 

You can burst out your feelings ,You can cry , you can say anything

I will never utter a word against you

I will never pour sympathy

But I will act as helping hand to reduce your stress and feelings.

Am  not a counselor 

Am not a psychologist

But I know Am a good listener

And have a mind to realise your situation