Online Charity Services

As a part of Online Charity services we are trying to find a solution to wipe of the tears of suffering patients.

For that we are providing a form that can submit by anybody to seek the help of the people who have the helping mentality and also the organisations that provide help.

We are also trying to gain focus of such peoples and organisations on regular basis on this site to get immediate response to the patient who seeks help.

We are also giving an opportunity to the society to help directly for the suffering people at the right time without any C/O ,so that the suffering people get the actual benefit what the helping mentality personals provide.

As now most of the hospitals are computerised ,the more people get the benefit of this online program and thus We can see the smiling faces all over.

Phone Counseling

As a part of trying to find a solution to wipe of the tears of suffering patients, we are providing phone counseling by acting as a mirror of the depressed persons ,thus by giving them a venue to open up their feelings

Charity Services using the latest Mobile Technologies

As a part of Charity services am trying to use the latest technologies of mobile ,thus by giving informations through SMS about the suffering situations for getting the help at the right time to the patients .